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Nature does not speak human language. At the same time there is continous exchange, there are signals all the time.

Since 2013 I layed a foundation on the topic 'nature central' researching leadership and relating to nature.

I also build networks with other experts to cooperate and work on the many aspects that play a role in this topic.

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A lot of research is undertaken, natural science, social science. They are needed and provide growing insights and advice to policy makers and practitioners.

Natuur Centraal

Natuur Centraal provides action research and research that helps to understand our relation to nature and how we have organised ourselves in that relation.
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A practice is a way of executing a routine, it can be small or big. A private practice can be modest and relatively simple, a multinational company can be big and complex. They are both examples of practices.

Natuur Centraal

Natuur Centraal helps to realise nature inclusive practices.
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