Change agency

Circular Economy into Nature. This is a project of Origame BV management consultants 'for the new economy'. NATUUR CENTRAAL was asked to help bring 'the nature component' into the work for clients on the circular economy.

Learning collective and Sustainability. A project within SOL Nederland (Society for Organizational Learning) where NATUUR CENTRAAL is in the process of shaping a program of collective learning and the ecological society.

Climate Psychology Alliance Netherlands. The network climate psychology that NATURAL CENTRAL has started in the Netherlands since 2018. 

The Dutch Foundation for Conflict Resolution in Environment and Spatial Planning (SMRO). NATUUR CENTRAAL is working on a project for the introduction of Nature Mediation, conflict resolution on the basis of acknowledging non human actors and nature as actors.   

Social entrepreneurship, circular economy and nature including learning and working. A project on the drawing board of social entrepreneurs in long-term care.

Food Forest Alliance France. From the Argonne (region between Verdun and Reims) initiatives are taken to apply and spread the practice of food forests. NATUUR CENTRAAL is partner.